audit-graphicTelecom Audits

Carrier Access brings transparency to telecom. With a suite of services and tools which enable businesses to save money, track expenses, and gain total control in an easy, seamless way. We capture all the relevant details and chargeable services, including vendors, accounts, circuits, phone numbers, features, taxes, contracts, and locations.

We will then organize the data according to how your organization is structured.  Aligning inventory and costs with how it is viewed in the budget, making it easy to set up cost allocations and run meaningful reports for your company. This also makes it easy to set up cost allocations and run reports that are meaningful to your company. At the end of the audit, you will receive an executive summary detailing savings, process improvements, management reports outlining service/vendor/location, contract summaries, and invoice optimization opportunities. You will also receive a detailed inventory list of all services and its costs, and a comprehensive cost savings action plan so your company can increase its bottom line.

What we do:

  • Identify unused services
  • Consolidate invoices and vendors
  • Eliminate slamming, casual and 3rd party charges
  • Analyze plans and rates
  • Contract compliance and analysis
  • Recommend service providers

Don’t overspend on telecom services.  Setup an audit and see your savings!