Hosted or On-Premise PBX

From hosted collaboration suites, call center applications or centralized premise environments, Carrier Access will consult with your company to design a telephony solution that exceeds your goals and expectations.

On-Premise PBX

These systems are physically housed within an organization and is ideal for businesses looking to upgrade from analog lines to SIP and have IT staff on-site who can help focus on the business in other areas.

  • Your company has more control over its phone system and can leverage collaboration integration with Office 365, Google Apps, CRM and ERP system
  • Provided with the ability to integrate the on-premise PBX with other software systems your company is running
  • There’s no need to rely on the support of a third party for simple tasks like adding extensions
  • All the phone system data and settings are in your hands
Hosted PBX

These systems are physically housed outside of your business and it’s typically ideal for businesses that want to save on phone maintenance and upkeep and increase mobility.

  • Carrier Access handles the PBX and all responsibility of installing, running, upgrading and maintaining
  • There are less installation, operation and maintenance costs involved with a Hosted PBX
  • There’s no need to worry about any network issues, like bandwidth, with a Hosted PBX
  • Dedicated internal personnel to manage the phone system are not required
Learn how Hosted or On-Promise PBX solutions can enhance your business.